Hi- I'm Johanna Munson


As a Peace of Mind Guide, I offer you the chance to engage and develop a deeper ability to be present as we create your Living Responsibly Roadmap together. It's the best gift you can give yourself and your loved ones.

What if taking care of ourselves AND those we love didn't have to be full of shoulds?


…I should have a will (40% of Americans over the age of 0 don’t have one)


…I should think about what medical interventions I’d want or not want (the medical system tends to prolong dying at the expense of quality of life)


…I should consider what legacy I want to leave (now is the optimum time to take stock!)


Here's the good news...

It is possible to create a plan that will: 


-Ensure that your estate can be settled with minimum hassle for survivors


-Inform and guide those who will need to know what matters to you


-Communicate wishes for burial options, type of service, and more


-Deepen relationships through candid conversations


-Relieve your anxieties so that you can enjoy life in the present


Planning brings peace!

I’m Johanna Munson, and I am a Peace of Mind Guide, an end-of-life educator, and a published author. I guide individuals and families to experience peace of mind NOW so you can walk your final path with serenity and peace.

You want to work with somebody who is going to actually listen with empathy, caring, and compassion, and make you feel safe. She really helps you look at your deepest beliefs and fears in a way that is like you're being held in safety. You don't want a lawyer...you want Johanna because she will help you look at the scariest place in the world... dying. 


-Debbie K

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