Attention: Soul-Conscious Humans

Live your Life Responsibly Now!

Know that Your Family and Loved Ones

Have a Roadmap to Follow

You want to rest easy knowing that:

  • your loved ones won't be left with a mess
  • the important decisions have been made
  • your wishes are documented and accessible 
  • important conversations have taken place
  • you can live life fully now because you completed the checklist 

Have you started and stopped the process of

planning for your final chapter of life?

The reality is, your family is not taken care of right now,

and I know you don't want that.

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What we'll get done:

  • Have all your legal, financial, and administrative paperwork organized and accessible
  • Document your health care choices in an Advance Directive
  • Learn about new eco-conscious options for body disposition
  • Be remembered for what matters to you by defining your legacy
  • Have the conversations that will relieve anxiety and deepen your relationships
  • Take the burden off loved ones by planning for your actual end of life
  • Address lifestyle choices ahead of time to avoid crisis situations
  • Identify your core values now and live the rest of your life in alignment


Together let's create your roadmap with the 

Experience Peace of Mind Now Program

Gain peace of mind for yourself, for you and your partner, or include your adult child or aging parent

Here's what's included:

  • Meet with me for five 1-hour sessions via Zoom or in-person (on Bainbridge Island)
  • Identify the values you want to live by that will guide you in this process, and lead to a life more fully-lived NOW!
  • Fill out a comprehensive checklist covering the Heart, Soul, and Mind of end of life planning
  • Complete the Peace of Mind Planner (a physical binder with digital backup)
  • Make the choices that will ease the path for your loved ones
  • Receive guidance for managing vital conversations
  • 3 hours of email coaching/accountability available between sessions

Still not sure? Maybe you recognize some of these

common misconceptions about End of Life Planning:

#1: It only needs to be done when the end is near.

Reality:  Do it now while you have decision-making abilities.

Why wait for others to make these critical decisions for you? Save time and money, and relieve stress for you and for your loved ones. 

Leaving grieving family and friends to make these choices is not how you want to be remembered.

#2: I have a will or trust in place and that's all I need. I wouldn't know where to begin with the rest.

Reality:  that barely touches the Mind part. In my program we'll address your Heart and Soul as well.

The legal part is critical, but there's so much more. Together we'll address topics such as how you will approach aging, and how to create a group of people around you for support (a circle of caring, I call it).

You'll complete a checklist that covers all aspects. You'll connect to your core values, and those will serve as a guide both for living fully now and being prepared for the future.

#3: Taking on this work will make me and those I care about sad- I just can't deal with that.

Reality:  In western culture we often try to avoid feelings we've labeled "bad," and sad is one of those feelings. 

In my program you'll learn healthy ways to process these emotions. The end result is less anxiety, deeper connections, and peace of mind, for you and for those around you.

Let's get your plan completed


"Johanna is highly knowledgeable and brings a wealth of resources about end of life issues in a very holistic way. Not just the documents one needs, but the emotional and soul work of giving this work your intention and doing the work joyfully. She makes this very important work approachable. So many of us put off addressing things and she is great at keeping you on task after ascertaining your priorities. She has great organizational skills to keep things moving and follows up each session with next steps to ensure you meet your own goals.

Identifying my values and how they informed my end of life choices was especially valuable. I wrote a  more comprehensive healthcare directive and organized all the documents into a folder with follow up to family and others. If anyone is hesitant to jump into this work, that is all the more reason that you should trust working with Johanna. Working with Johanna helped me realize how coming to a comfort zone around the topic of death helps one live your best life."

~Lynda Fredrickson, Bainbridge Island, WA



"Before I started, I thought I knew what needed doing. Through working with Johanna, I realized that only half of it was done- there was a lot more to it than I originally might have expected. What was keeping me from doing this work was the overwhelm, and Johanna helped me bite it off into little chunks. My advanced directive had been sitting in my computer for however long and I sort of had it filled out.


It's almost like having her hold your hand, going through it, breaking it down and making it easier. Because again, it's one thing to think about it and look at it, but another thing to talk through things with someone who is in the same space. You've got to talk about these liminal spaces between the nuts and bolts aspects of stuff. That was really  inspiring and encouraging. It's not as scary as it sounds, and it's not as hard as it as you think it might be. When you're finished, it's really satisfying to know that that's something that's tidy and you don't need to worry about it anymore!"

~Catherine Boomer, Port Austin, MI



"Working with Johanna to update our end of life planning decisions and documents has definitely given us more peace of mind about where we are on all of that now. Some things have changed since we first did this work about a decade ago, and we had recognized that we needed to revisit our thinking about it all. But this is not easy work, so the opportunity to work with Johanna on these issues has meant we are actually getting it done.


Johanna is well suited for this work because she is calm, thoughtful, and a good listener. She is good at picking up on cues from what we say. She is knowledgeable and resourceful about all aspects of the subject, but doesn't push any agenda of her own. She is good at gentle reminders of things that need attention, and patient when we forget.


We have no hesitancy in recommending Johanna as a helpful guide in making your way through the end of life decisions and documentation needed that will give you more peace of mind."

~Sally and Richard Wilson, Bainbridge Island, WA

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