Nov 16, 2021

Wonderful- you found your way here! Your willingness to engage in conversations around end of life opens up a whole new way to live in the present.


We are here because we are called to live a life where we face up to our fears, break through the patterns that hold us back, and find a path that leads to peace and presence as we exist in our human bodies.


There is much talk these days about doing shadow work, taking care of our inner child, recognizing and releasing the patterns of our ancestors., all so that we may live a life of harmony together on this planet.


And, this existence is temporary. We only take this human form for the blink of an eye in geologic time. If life goes as expected, we move from being helpless infants to full independence and then into old age and the accompanying loss of function. Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn and we find ourselves dealing with the prospect of dying earlier than foreseen.


This independent stage is the ideal time to consider how we envision living out the latter chapters, including the dying and death ones. By taking on the investigation now into what matters to us, what makes life worth living, we can set up guides for ourselves and our loved ones and transform our present as well as our future.


We can live life fully now, empowered, at peace, and full of love.

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