Finally, experience peace of mind by finishing your Living Will!


Take action and get peace of mind in the Fast Track Your Living Will Masterclass.

January 6 - February 4, 2022

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"This task has been on my to-do list for forever!"

Has life gotten in the way? Maybe you don't want to think about something bad happening- who does?

During this masterclass, you'll follow a step-by-step process that makes it simple to finish your Living Will (also known as an Advance Directive or Health Care Directive), get your Medical Power of Attorney on board, and ensure that you have the best possible chance of having your wishes followed.

With 1-1 coaching sessions, live support in weekly calls, and the detailed easy-to-follow curriculum, the actual value of this program is upwards of $600!

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What's Included

Self-paced, 4 week online course with videos, worksheets, & form provided

Accountability and community with 1-1 coaching and optional Facebook group

Conversation prompts and a bonus online practice session

Weekly live "study hall" sessions to keep you on track.       

Options for dementia living wills included

Register Here for $297
Register Here

Are you looking for robust support to get this health care document done? 

Maybe your adult child or your lawyer has been bugging you to tackle it, but it just feels too overwhelming to even know where to start. 

The structure I offer in this masterclass ensures success. You’ll get the free Living Will template that I’ve found works best, no matter what state or territory you’re in. 
Each week you’ll watch 2 videos then complete a worksheet which connects directly to the Living Will document itself. Plan to spend 3 hours a week total- not much when you consider the benefits!
You’ll finish the course having completed the document AND shared it with those in your ‘circle of caring,’ – a critical element in planning that many forget about. 
I know you’ll have questions, and I’ve scheduled four live Study Hall sessions where you'll get support to complete the document in real time.
Conversation starters and practice are a unique element of this masterclass, and we’ll have a live Zoom call to practice! We’re not used to talking about these issues, and I’d love to help you overcome that hesitancy.
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Dementia and Alzheimer’s rates are increasing rapidly.  

I’ll share resources for proactively creating a Living Will for that scenario.


Already have a Living Will or Advance Directive?


When was the last time you looked at it? You may want to update it if it’s been more than 5 years, or you’ve experienced a major life event since it was created.


Maybe your Medical Power of Attorney is no longer available, and it’s time to find a new one. Or your thoughts on health care have evolved, but your old one is still in force.


Join the masterclass - you’re ahead of the game and will still learn a ton!

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I'm Johanna, End of Life Navigator

I want you to experience the sense of relief that I now feel because my Living Will is complete and in the hands of those who need to know my health care choices.


No one wants to think about being unable to communicate or advocate for ourselves, but these situations happen in the normal course of a lifetime.


I’ve had four major surgeries (including brain surgery for a benign tumor) and was under general anesthesia for 3 of those- what would have happened if I didn’t have my Living Will in place? Luckily I recovered just fine and am here to tell my story.


My mom wasn’t so lucky. She got diagnosed with a form of leukemia and decided to undergo chemo and radiation in the hospital. Five weeks later her numbers went down sharply overnight and next thing we knew she was in the ICU, hooked up to tubes and unable to tell us anything. My dad was in shock, my sisters and I were trying to hold it together, and nobody knew what she wanted. 


She had a beautiful garden at home and we imagined she’d like to be there for her last days, but the hospital told us they couldn’t release her. So we said goodbye to her in a room on the hospice floor where at least they could remove the tubes.


As my dad faced aging without his beloved wife, he decided he was going to have a plan in place. He started conversations with me and my sisters, shared important books, and researched all his options. He had all his documents complete and we knew his wishes- and he died on his own terms, in his own space. Would that we could all have that peace of mind.

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Client Experiences

I’ve seen firsthand what a difference having a Living Will makes from the point of view of a loved one. A client told me she still feels guilt about her dad’s death because of the way he was treated after a stroke, 10 years later.


Another shared that he and one of his siblings have not talked in 5 years because they disagreed about what was the best course. And then there’s the cost of ICU stays, if you can find a bed these days…


I am giving my loved ones the best gift and you can too.


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